Expertise & Engagement

All classes are taught by highly-trained instructors, who have spent years teaching the traditional barre method. By constantly moving about the room, rather than staying in the front, our instructors maximize results by adjusting our clients, to account for individual needs and ensure proper form. The instructors’ vast knowledge and experience allows them to quickly recognize and address the specific needs of our clients. Personal one-on-one attention, even with the smallest corrections, increases efficiency and makes a world of difference in the outcome.

“Barre classes were life-changing for me in so many ways. This is something you hear often from barre devotees because it happens all the time! Not only did I create a strong, lean, flexible body I was proud of, but all those little aches and pains that were beginning to show up as I entered my 30’s went away! The most profound change in me was the amazing confidence I gained and the empowerment I felt. While I may “dabble” in other forms of exercise every so often, barre class will always be at the “core” of my exercise regimen and for good reason. There is no other exercise out there that has the ability to transform you the way barre class does!”

– Amy, Rye